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Shhh. Don’t anyone, but I’ve started unfollowing people on Facebook. I’m feeling the desire to work on focus in terms of how I spend my time, and, in terms of social media, who I spend it with.

After just reading the latest from Dr. Kelly Flanagan’s Untangled blog, I feel renewed vigor to make sure I’m savoring every moment by using my time well with the people I enjoy. It seems important that I acknowledge that I only did this after thinking about it for a while. My concern isn’t that social media is bad, it’s that my use of social media can sometimes be all-consuming.

So, in the effort to cut down on this, I need to take some of the random-ness out of the experience. If I follow everything, inevitably I will discover interesting posts about people I don’t know doing things I really don’t need to know about immediately. I’m confident I’m not the only one who does a Google search on how to keep bats out of the garage and ends up reading about the latest trends in digestive health (bats, removal, protected species, wolves off the endangered species list, Canadian wolf, national health care, wait times for surgery, gastric bypass, stomach issues unique to, latest trends in digestive health) among young adults. The less I encounter random posts, the less likely I am to wander.

That means I’m unfollowing lots of people on Facebook. Not unfriending (a word I don’t like anyway), but unfollowing. If anyone wants to get ahold of me, they still can. I just don’t see the day-to-day posts from everyone. Most of those in the unfollowed list will never notice, I’m sure. We don’t interact. They might be unfollowing me already. Let’s face it, there’s a group of people on my Facebook friend list that have been there for a long time with absolutely no interaction. But, if I have news, or if they do, they can still contact me this way (especially since 411 is pretty much useless now).

I’m excited that this means I will spend more time in face-to-face interaction with family and friends that I actually can see on a regular basis. I’m eager to take more time to be outside and experience the world with all my senses. I’m enthusiastic about the possibility of eye contact without a screen in between. The focus of my eyes on people and the world around me guarantees engagement that recharges my soul.


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